The Band

Formed in 2006, Eventide was created as an artistic meeting-of-the-minds with friends that had been performing in separate groups, but with very similar mindsets -- to have fun and entertain audiences with music that the audience wants to hear.  In 2012 original members Dave and Glen joined forces with Matt to form the group that you see today...and the accolades followed!

Each musician in the band has been singing, performing, and playing instruments for several years and has been involved in all genres of music.  Due to that diversity, the band brings an edge to the sound that is difficult to match.  In the last four years the members of Eventide have performed for over 15,000 people: at festivals; as an opening act for various artists; as well as playing for clubs, venues, and private parties.  

In 2014 the group won TWO Review Magazine Music Awards with the band taking home ROCK BAND OF THE YEAR and Dave Banks winning Best Rock Keyboardist!  By far our highest honors to date.  The band, as well as its individual members, were finalists in 7 RMA categories.

2013 saw the group win TWO Review Magazine Music Awards with Dave Banks winning Best Rock Keyboardist and Matt Hyatt earning Best Rock Guitarist.

An appreciation of the present, paired with respect for the past allows Eventide to reach a variety of audiences by featuring a mix of classic rock (60’s, 70’s, and 80’s), contemporary rock (90’s to today), R&B, and dance. The shows are composed of familiar songs from artists such as The Rolling Stones, Sublime, Jimmy Buffett, Alice Cooper, Tom Petty, Stevie Wonder, Santana, Matchbox 20, Bad Company, and many more.

Sound and Setup

We believe you can’t be a first rate band without first-rate production.  With a high-end sound system with wireless mixing console, dance lighting and in-ear monitoring, we can handle anything from a private party to a large outdoor or corporate event.

Eventide plays at a wide variety of different venues and can customize setup accordingly.  We strive to be a versatile band that can accommodate venue and/or budget restrictions by adjusting our setup to fit a venue's or event planner's needs.

Eventide is available for weddings, parties, clubs, or virtually any type of event. To inquire about scheduling Eventide, please visit the booking page.